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Katy was born in China. 2017, she  graduated with a MFA in Fashion& Textile Design from the Academy of Art University. Katy’s talents did not go unnoticed. She presented her artwork at both individual and group gallery shows to much acclaim. Also, She selected as one of CFDA+ Design Graduates and won a CFDA+ 2017 award.

The prestigious Textile Design program at the Academy is quite rigorous and demanding, which has further honed her design aesthetic and technical skills. In addition to her strong academic foundation, Katy has worked for two years as a textile designer in China before beginning her graduate studies. In this role, Katy had the opportunity to work and learn from professional designers from all over the world. Having had the opportunity to work in such a creative environment, amongst such talented individuals, was very important to her formation as a textile designer.

Upon graduation Katy hopes to work for a highly innovative American fashion house, as part of its textile design department, where she would like to use all of her skills, from print and pattern design, to embroidery and beading. For Katy, working as part of a dynamic and creative team, where every member brings their passion and talent to the mix, is where she ideally envisions herself.